Robert Williams

Selected Practice & Activity Since 1984

(Most recent first)


Cumbrian Alchemy: Certum Quia Impossibile Est.

Robert Williams & Bryan McGovern Wilson

The Beacon. Harbour Gallery. Whitehaven.  Cumbria


Mark Dion:  The Academy of Things.

Curated by Petra Lange-Berndt & Dietmar Rübel. Höchschüle für Bildendenkunst, Dresden/Grünes Gewölbe/Albertinum, Dresden.

24.10.14 – 25.1.15.

Constructing Memory: An international conference and debate on the {reservation of records, Knowledge and memory of radioactive waste across generations.

Organised by the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) & ANDRA.

Centre Mondial de la Paix. Verdun, France. September 2015.

Exhibit: Cumbrian Alchemy (2014) Robert Williams & Bryan McGovern Wilson.

Systema Naturae:

A History of In-animate Nature by Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

The Galley. Atlas Works. Nelson Street, Carlisle, Cumbria.


Cumbrian Alchemy: Certum Quia Impossibile Est.

Robert Williams & Bryan McGovern Wilson

Rheged Centre. Penrith, Cumbria. 16.2.14 – 13.4.14

The Nabakov Paper.

Film: Notes on Lepidopetra. Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams. September 2012. The Nabakov Project. Paris. 2012. Curated by Kate Briggs & Lucrezia Russo. Exhibition at Shandy Hall, Coxwold. The Laurence Stern Trust.
October-December 2013.

Participating Artists include: Graham Allen; James Arnett; Abraham Asfaw; Anne Attali; Katarzyna Bazarnik; Derek Beaulieu; Paul Becker; Christian Bök; Shanna Bosely; Stephen Bury; Chloe Briggs; Kate Briggs; Maurice Carlin; Jennifer Carr; Guillaume Constantin; ; Jamie Crewe; Véronique Devoldére; Lucia della Paolera; Craig Dworkin; Zenon Fajfer; Céline Guyot; John Hamilton; Sharon Kivland; Gianni Lavacchini; Anna-Louise Milne; Forbes Morlock; Simon Morris; Amy Pettifer; Lucrezia Russo; Olivia Sautreuil; Nick Thurston; Jane Topping; Madeleine; Patrick Wildgust; Robert Williams, Jack Aylward-Williams; Sarah Wood; Gillian Wylde.

One Minute Film Festival: 10 Years

March 23 -Dec 31, 2013

Participating artists include: Peggy Ahwesh, Judith Barry, Gregg Bordowitz, Todd Beecraft, Chris Brunt, Megan Cump, Eric Davis, Peter Cole, Anna Craycroft, Adam Simon, Shit TV, Robert Williams, Sowon Kwon, Alex Yalakidis, Martin Beck, Moyra Davey, Ewa Einhorn, Su Friedrich, Alice and Della Wilsey, Angel Nevarez, Bill Burns, Aaron Namenwirth, Anna Hansflen, Andrea Fraser, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Josiah McElheny, David Dempewolf, Bill Stone, Myrel Chernick, Jimmie Durham, Jon Kessler, Hope Ginsburg, Jennifer Montgomery, Matt Dugan, Lenka Clayton, Klara Hobza, Mark Dion, Christy Gast, Claire Pentecost, Barbara Bergstrom, Perry Bard, Ellen McMahon, Holen Kahn, Sam Lewallen, Roddy Bogawa, J. Morgan Puett, Dana Sherwood, Amy Yoes, Valerie Tevere, Matthew Buckingham, Liza Philips, Karin Felbermayer, Jorge Colombo, Andrea Geyer, Julie Ault, Sean Reynard, Francis Cape, Bob Braine, Francisca Benitez, Raina Benoit, Catherine Berg, Jacob Borndal, Pat Carullo, Dennis Balk, Cathy Clarke, Anne Colvin, Shea Craig, Megan Cump, Pradeep Dalal, Richard Elovitch, Kelly Fancher, Erik Freeland, Marc Ganzglass, Dave Gearey, Michael Gitlin, Chelsea Goodchild, Mitchell Goodman, Jackie Goss, Thersa Hackett, John Haskell, Sharon Hayes, Liza Johnson, Iain Kerr, Athena Kokoronis, E.M, Langer, Eli Langer, Jerry Lerner, Lana Lin, Lan Thao Lam, Jeff Luckey, Keith Malik, Babette Mangolte, Amanda Mattes, Yvette Matern, Richard & Eric Metzgar, Ulrike Muller, Julia Murray, Molly Nesbit, Jaye Nydick, Jason Protass, Michael Owens, Rebecca Purcell, Gary Graham, William Bryan Purcell, George Quasha, Lucy Raven, Fay Ray, Larilyn Sanchez, Jeff Silva, Sherry Williams, Pawel Wojtasik, S. Wolle.

Alchemy Residuum: Selections from the Archives of Mildred’s Lane.

The Mildred Complex(ity). Narrowsburg. New York. USA.

23.3.13 – 23.4.13.

Mark Dion: The Macabre Treasury.

Mark Dion; Dana Sherwood; Robert Williams; et al.

Museum Het Domein. Sittard, Netherlands.

20.1.13 – 5.5.13.

MoMA Studio: Common Senses

September 24–November 19, 2012.

Mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman

Education and Research Building

Common Senses is a multisensory environment at the intersection of education, design, and art that aims to foster our evolving relationships with nature, technology, and our everyday surroundings through community interactions and creative play. A series of drop-in activities, workshops, and ongoing projects for audiences of all ages integrates components such as light, nature, food, textiles, games, and technology. Artists, designers, and educators including Fritz Haeg, J. Morgan Puett of Mildred's Lane and The Mildred Complex(ity), Karen Hewitt, Reggio Children, and others engage visitors in generative and sensory experiences from harvesting an edible garden and creating light-based scapes installations to engaging with an experimental school and playing with new and familiar toys and games The event at MoMa features: The Alchemist's Shack II Session 4.12 Which took place July 16, 2012 - August 5, 2012

Trial & Retrieval

Curators: Lesli Sharples & Caroline Dalton

The World of Glass, St. Helens. May-July 2011

Disjecta Fragmen Comminutis.

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

With contributions from:

Gina Aylward, Mark Dion & Dana Sherwood (USA),

Dr. Petra Lange-Berndt (Ger);  Cornelius Holtorff (Swe);

Prof. Dietmar Rübel (Ger); Inken Hemsen (Ger);  Katrin Ostlündh (Swe); Phillipa Strange (UK/Can); Kathy Toth (Rom/Syria); Ian Wrapson (UK);

Bryan Wilson (USA); Jason Simon (USA); Mark Grote (USA); 

Clive Parkinson (UK); Dr. David Barrowclough (UK); Viktoria Günes (Swe); Jenny Holliday (UK); Mary Kenny (UK)

Exhibitors: Caroline Dalton, Kevin Phillips, Lesli Sharples,

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams.

The Luminous Interval

Theatrum Mundi: Armarium (2001)

Mark Dion & Robert Williams

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.  April 12th – September 11th 2011

Greek collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos's collection of 400-plus international artworks is one of the world's leading private contemporary art collections. The Luminous Interval, a title taken from a quote by Greek philosopher and writer Nikos Kazantzakis, will be the first large-scale public show of a selection of works from the collection. Covering the entire second floor of the Museum and galleries 103 and 105 on the first floor, the exhibition will include some 60 works by 30 artists, amongst whom are eminent figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Matthew Barney, Martin Kippenberger, Mona Hatoum, William Kentridge, Kutlug Ataman, Damien Hirst, Robert Gober, John Bock, Mike Kelley, Annette Messager, Thomas Hirschorn, Paul McCarthy, Louise Bourgeois, Mark Dion & Robert Williams, Marina Abramovic, Sarah Lucas, Kiki Smith, Paul Chan, Wangechi Mutu, Rivane Neuenschwander, Alexandras Psychoulis, Gabriel Orozco, Walid Raad,  Rachel Whiteread, Nate Lowman, and Guyton/Walker, Chris Ofili, Steve McQueen and Rachel Whiteread. Placing particular emphasis on sculpture and large installations, the exhibition will be offering an overview of some of the most outstanding developments in art from the mid-1980s to the present day.

The Mildred’s Lane Brown Paper Package Project.

Robert Williams & Rev. Dr. Sue Williams:

ελληνικος ναυτικος βιολογια (2003-2010)

Book: ελληνικος ναυτικος βιολογια (edition of 3)

Curators: Mark Dion & J. Morgan Puett.

Exhibitors: Suzanne Bocanegra, Roddy Bogawa, Keil Borrman, Robert Braine, Francis Cape, Brian Conley, Barbara deVries, Mark Dion, Harrell Fletcher, Rachel Foullon, Christy Gast, Hope Ginsburg, Fritz Haeg, Larissa Harris, Kimberley Hart, Christine Hill, Klara Hobza, Jeffrey Jenkins, Jon Kessler, Richard Klein, Till Krause, Daniel Maier-Reimer, Ben Nicholson, Michael Oatman, Liza Phillips, J. Morgan Puett, Rebecca Purcell, Jen Delos Reyes, Skydog Projects, Allison Smith, A.L. Steiner, Robert Williams, Amy Yoes

October 30/31st 2010

Vault 4

The Bank. Carlisle

Robert Williams: Danse Macabre:

4 Video Sketches. Brån Rhybuddion; Caput Mortuum;

Memento Mori; Reliquum Mortua,

Kevin Phillips; Amanda Jeffries; Chris Sullivan; Katherine Tuck; Helen Tuck; Janis Young; David Aspden; Robert Williams; Helen Gorrill; Jane Topping; Kiera Peart; Nathan Elliot; Rebecca Mellor; Ben Hunter; Kate Finnemore; Lydia Leith; Richard Wainman; Bex Harvey.

September-October 2010

A Perverse Library

Shandy Hall August-November 2010

Curated by Simon Morris.

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams Historico-naturalis et Archaologica ex Dale Street: Appendix I: Bibliotheca ab Gilbertus Niveus (2010)

Kathy Acker, John Baldasarri, Samuel Beckett, Jen Bervin, Christian Bök, Pavel Büchler, Elisabeth S. Clark, Craig Dworkin, Robert Fitterman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Douglas Gordon, James Joyce, On Kawara, Sherrie Levine, Gareth Long, Simon Morris, Scott Myles, Ed Ruscha, Klaus Scherübel,

Nick Thurston, Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams,

Greville Worthington

The 10th Blind Pond Film & Video Festival

Curators: Jason Simon & Moyra Davey.

Robert Williams: Memento Mori; Reliquum Mortua.

July 9-11 2010.

Narrowsburg. New York. USA

An Ordinall of Alchimy

A Project from Mildred’s Lane organized by Mark Dion and Robert Williams.

With Matt Bettine - Joseph G. Cruz - Kathryn Cornelius - Gabriella D’Italia –

Scott Jarrett - Aislinn Pentecost-Farren - John Wanzel - Laura E Wertheim

& Bryan Wilson

Slought Foundation

Philadelphia, PA.

30.4.10 – 14.6.10

Cabinet Magazine

300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn, New York. 30.3.10 – 17.4.10

Spinning Straw into Gold—Art, Value, and the Alchemical Collector.

Talk at Cabinet Magazine. Brooklyn, New York – Robert Williams, Mark Dion, Sal Randolph & McKenzie Wark, chaired by D Graham Burnett.  27.3.10.

Vault 3

BANK_Gallery. Carlisle

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams: Bombylus Darwinii. 2009.

September 2009

Opus Magnum: Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum

Robert Williams

Teaching & Project Residency (Part 2 of 3). Resident artist at The Mildred’s Lane Project  in Pennsylvania, USA for a month (July-August), working on my building project Opus Magnum: Theatrum Chemicum Btitannicum with support from & a teaching programme for post-graduate students from The Art Institute, Chicago, University of Raleigh, Columbia University, University of Maine, University of Minnesota, Maryland Institute of Art, and the New School of Design, New York. The project had a visiting artists programme with invited talks by Mark Dion, Petra Lange-Berndt (UCL), Petra Kralickova (University of Ohio), Dr. Simon Morris (informationasmaterial), and Sina Najafi & Graham Burnett of Cabinet Magazine

Opus Magnum will be completed during the Summer of 2010.

Keynote speaker for The 10th European Affective Education Network Conference at the University of Western Scotland in July 2009

The Collaborative Projects of Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

The Blind Pond Film & Video Festival.

Brån Rhybuddion.  Invertebrates - Sabella Spallanzii; Arion Ater Rufus: Descent, Arion Ater: The Great Orange Slug.

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams. 2009. DVD.

Jason Simon & Moyra Davey.

July 4 – 7. 2009.

Narrowsburg, New York.

Book: Historico-naturalis et Archaeologica ex Dale Street.

Robert Williams (ed). 2009.

Contributions from Jack Aylward-Williams, Professor John Walton,

Robert Williams and the residents of Dale Street, Lancaster.

Designed by Anna Danby.

Unipress Cumbria/informationasmaterial.

ISBN:  978-1-869979-28-7

Historico-naturalis et Archaeologica ex Dale Street.

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Wiliams. 2009. University of Cumbria,

The Learning Gateway for the

International Visual Sociology Association Conference.

July 2009.

Otras Floras

Galeria Nara Roesler.

Curated by José Roca

Sao Paulo – Brazil

Exhibitors include: Alberto Baraya; Arnulf Rainer; Brígida Baltar;

Irit Hemmo; Jaime Tarazona; Jan Fabre; Johana Calle;

Juan Manuel Echavarría; Marcos Chaves; María Fernanda Cardoso;

Mark Dion; Miler Lagos;  Robert Williams; Roxy Paine;

Sanna Kannisto

20.10. 08 – 14.11.08

Because, because I do, I do

University of Cumbria – Ambleside Campus.

Cumbria Music Festival.

August 2008

Curated by Charles Mitchell.

Exhibition Organiser Olivia Toppin.

Exhibitors include: Julian Cooper; Martin Greenland; Mark Haywood;

Phil Morsman; Alan Stones; Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams.

Mildred’s Lane Projects

Curated by J.Morgan Puett & Mark Dion

Exhibition includes works by Jorge Colombo, Moyra Davey, Mark Dion,

Hope Ginsberg, John Haskell, Jeffrey Jenkins, Athena Kokoronis,

Josiah McElheny, Monique Mileson, J.Morgan Puett, Rebecca Purcell,

Jason Simon, Allison Smith, Diana Balmori & Brian Tolle, Robert Williams, Amy Yoes.

This group of artists are involved as residents and educators in the experimental arts programme Mildred’s Lane established by J.Morgan Puett & Mark Dion. An educational & cultural institute,  Mildred’s Lane is located on Puett and Dion’s 96 acre farm in the Upper Delaware River Valley in rural Pennsylvania. Central to the project is a connection between research, working, making and living with art.

Alexander Gray Associates Gallery. New York, USA

June 18 - September 6 2008

Multiple Interpretations: Contemporary Prints in Portfolio at The New York Public Library on view from October 26, 2007 to January 27, 2008

Artists represented in this exhibition are Kevin Appel, David Avery, Christiane Baumgartner, Sandow Birk, Chris Burden, Ernesto Caivano,

E.V. Day, Mark Dion and Robert Williams, Olafur Eliasson, Tony Fitzpatrick, Wayne Gonzales, Elliott Green, Daniel Heyman, Diane E. Jacobs,

David Levinthal, Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, Olaf Nicolai,

Thomas Nozkowski, Andrew Raftery, Julião Sarmento, David Shrigley,

Juan Uslé, and John Wilson.

All prints in this exhibition were acquired in the last ten years by the Print Collection of The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.


Students, Graduates & Staff

of the  Fine Art Programme from the Faculty of the Arts

at the University of Cumbria

Group Exhibition

Nathalie de Briey; Noel Clueit; Michael Coombs; Jethro Farrier; Rebecca Freeman; Jen Martin; Simon Philpott; Iris Priest; Ciara Phillips; Kevin Phillips; Fiona Shaw; Adam Sheldon; Hannah Stewart; Ros White;

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams;

Mark Wilson & Bryndis Snaesbjorndöttir; Janis Young;

Poem by Nick Pemberton.

Curated by Helen Tuck, Katherine Tuck & Gary Millichip.

Poem by Nick Pemberton.

Arca Tartareum – The Underworld Project

The Griffin. Court Square. Carlisle.

September 28th – October 4th 2007.

Storey Gallery -Talks on Art: Series 2

Inside Out

Paper – 2 Projects about Collecting:

Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae & Virga et Lapilla

by Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

Borough Club, Lancaster.

15th May 2007

Opening the Cabinet:

Artists and Museums – building closer links

1 Day Conference

Paper – 2 Projects about Collecting:

Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae & Virga et Lapilla

by Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams.

Harris Museum & Art Gallery.

7th December 2006

Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae

Paper delivered at Creative Dates II Conference.

Tate Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool.

Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September 2006

Arca Tartareum: The Underworld Project

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

Work in Progress

Shortlisted for The Alchemy Project

Manchester Museum. Manchester University.

September 2006

Stones, Circles, Landscape, Art

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

Virga et Lapilla – Installation

Suzanne Batchelor, Simon Callery, Brian Cowper,

Lorna Graves, John Was, Aaron Watson.

April – November 2006.

Penrith Museum, Cumbria.

Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae

Robert Williams (ed) & Jack Aylward-Williams

Authors: Dr. David Barrowclough; Dr. Mark Dion; Dr. Simon Morris;

Rev. Professor John Rodwell, Peter Wade.

Unipress Cumbria/informationasmaterial. 2006.

ISBN: 1-869979-19-2

Shortlisted for the AXA/Art Newspaper Award 2006.

Dove Cottage Invokation

Robert Williams

The We Are Seven Commune Project

Grizedale Arts & The Wordsworth Trust.

Ian Cooper, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Racehl Foullon, K8 Hardy,

Adam Putnam, Dana Sherwood, Allison Smith.

Dove Cottage, Grasmere. August 2006

The Blind Pond Film & Video Festival.

Procession: DVD

Jason Simon & Moyra Davey.

July 9 – 10. 2005.

Narrowsburg, New York.

Robert Williams - Primordia Rerum - 4 Films:

Part of a compilation showreel by

Jason Simon & Moyra Davey.

The Orchard Gallery, New York. June 2005

& The Box, Wexner Centre for the Arts, Columbus. Ohio.

October 2005.

Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae

Williamson Park, Lancaster.

A year long project in collaboration with Jack Aylward-Williams

July 20th 2004 – July 20th 2005

Interim Exhibition December 2004.

Museum Works: Art & Archaeology.

Lancaster City Museum.

Photoworks & Installation

Project for Art & Archaeology: Archaeological Review from Cambridge.

Lancaster. July 2003 (Published ARC April 2004. ISSN: 0261-4332)

The Blind Pond Film & Video Festival.

Robert Williams - Primordia Rerum - 4 Films:

Flumem Vivum; Fulmen Urna; Aether; Terra Mortuum.

DVD, Video CD; Mini DV.

Jason Simon & Moyra Davey.

July 12 – 13 2003.

Narrowsburg, New York.

Tree Time: Trees and their particular meaning.

June 21 – September 28 2003. Arboretum Project,

De Zonnehof: Centrum Voor Moderne Kunst,

Armando; Hans op de Beek; Mark Dion & Robert Williams; Martin Effert; Fiona Hall; Giuseppe Penone; Roy Villevoye & Jan Dietvorst; Herman de Vries; Bill Woodrow. Amersfoort, Holland.

Words & Pictures:

Exploring science through art and writing.

4 - 5 April 2003.

Paper: Theatrum Chemicum:

Praxis for a consideration of knowledge systems (sort of)…

Kirton, T. (ed).

Ann Lackie; Sian Ede; Cornelia Hesse-Honegger; Patrick Magennis; Mark Gilbert; Robert Williams; Thérese Oulton; Ian Stewart; Tim Hunkin; Geoff Watts; Tony White; Richard Fortey; Tom Shakespeare & Lisa Matthews.

Publication: Terry Kirton (ed). ISBN: 1-869979-13-3

CIA. Carlisle. 2003.

Mark Dion: Collaborations.

January 31 – March 9 2003.

Mark Dion; Bob Braine; Nils Norman; J.Morgan Puett; Alexis Rockman;

William Schefferine; Jason Simon; Josef Strau; Robert Williams;

The Photography Club of Andover High School.

Catalogue – Zina Davis (Director) - Josellof Gallery.

University of Hartford.

Hartford Art School – 125th Anniversary.

Submissions – Theatrum Mundi: Armarium – Mark Dion & Robert Williams Editioned Print.

Hartford Invokation – Robert Williams - Event & DVD.

New Hartford, Connecticut. USA. 2003


Robert Williams

Atticus/Alternative LitFest - Lancaster literature Festival.

Event & Performances 19/10/02

Lancaster. UK.

Book - Bibliomania 2000/2001

Simon Morris (ed).

information as material. New York. 2002.

ISBN: 0-9536765-1-X

Essay - Mark Dion, Robert Smithson, Lord Kelvin & Time.

Text for the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow - exhibition: Words and Things. Mark Dion, Cheryl Donegan, Simon Starling, JODI.

October 2001.

Published also in The Vallum  - Occasional Papers from Cumbria College of Art & Design. No. 3. January 2002. ISSN 1472-5800.

Gallery Talk at CCA November 3rd 2001 Robert Williams on Mark Dion.

Theatrum Mundi: Armarium

Mark Dion & Robert Williams

Installation at Galerie In Situ, Paris.

October-Dec 2001.

Sculpture in the Close – The Cambridge Biennale

Theatrum Mundi: Armarium.

Major collaborative installation with Mark Dion -

Jesus College Chapel, Jesus College, Cambridge University.

Sculpture in the Close Exhibition at Jesus College, Cambridge University.

Co-Exhibitors: Mark Dion (USA); Anish Kapoor (UK); Julian Opie (UK);

Richard Wentworth (UK); Carl von Weiler (UK); Danny Lane (USA).

Exhibition opened by Tim Marlowe. A5 20pp. Text by Rod Mengham. Forward by Robert Mair.  Afterword by Professor Lord Colin Renfrew.

Delivery of a Lecture with Mark Dion at the MacDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University.

Talk organised by Professor Lord Colin Renfrew - inaugural event for  Sculpture in the Close 2001. The Archaeological Projects of Mark Dion.


Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, United States.

Aim was to use a teaching residency at RISD to enable the fabrication of alchemical glassware for the Opus Magnum Project at Beach Lake Pennsylvania. The residency included a series of lecture presentations. A one day exhibition was presented of outcomes at RISD Art Gallery & Museum. Residency completed. October/November 2000.


Luna International Gallery, Berlin, Germany & One Day Magazine

(Curators Lenka Clayton & Guy Allot).

Exhibition & Publication - Flock. August 2000

Submission - Pentadactyl. August 2000.

Bibliomania II.

Publication (2002) & Exhibition (2001) - The Art Gallery of Ontario - Toronto, Canada; The Brooklyn Public Library. Brooklyn, New York, United States. Exists as a web site on Participating Artists:  Julie Ault (US), Andrew Bannister (UK), Nicky Bird (UK), Michael Blum (Fr), Richard Bradbury (UK), Tim Brennan (Ir),

Howard Britton (UK), Pavel Buchler(UK), Anne Byrne (UK), Martin Clark (UK), Thomas Clark, Roger Cook (UK), Suzanne Cotter (UK), Ben Crane (UK), Neil Cummings (UK), Liz Dalton (US), Adam Dant (UK), Louise Déry (Can), Mark Dickenson, Mark Dion (US), Paul Edwards (Fr), Andrea Fraser (US), Jochan Gerz (Ger), Liam Gillick (UK), Kenneth Goldsmith (US), Graham Gussin (UK), Lucy Harrison (UK), Emmanuel Hermange (Fr), Alasdair Hopwood (UK), Erica van Horne (US), Jean-Marc Huitorel (Fr), Daniel Jackson (UK), Melanie Jackson (UK), Claudia Kappenberg (Ger), Sharon Kivland (US), Joseph Kosuth (US), Langlands & Bell (UK), Alexander & Susan Maris (UK), Roberto Martinez (Fr), Judith Mastai (Can), Didier Mathieu (Fr), Daniel McLean (UK), Francis McKee (UK), Akiko Miyake (Ja), Forbes Morlock (US), John Murchie (Can), Marylene Negro (Fr), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Ger), Roxanne Permar (UK), Amanda Philips (UK), Lucy Pullen (UK), Yvonne Rainer (US), Anne Ramsden (Can), Stella Rollig (Au), Alain Ross, Alun Rowlands, Jayce Saloun (Can), Jerome Sans (Fr), Sharla Sava (Can), Michael Shamburg (US), Cindy Smith (US), Dan Smith (UK), Oliver Sumner (UK), Derek Tyman (UK), Haim Steinbach (US), Jean-Emile Verdier (Can), Jonathan Watkins (UK), Robert Williams (UK), Andrew Wilson (UK), Mike Wodkowski (US). Book: Simon Morris (ed). 2002. Bibliomania.

Information as Material/Printed Matter. New York. ISBN: 0-9536765-X

Mark Dion: The Tate Thames Dig.

July 19 - August 13 1999.

The Tate Gallery of Modern Art. London.

Field Centre Manager.


Web Page Robert Williams. - Cleaning & Classification of Finds 19 - 13 July 1999.

Coles, Alex & Dion, M (eds). 1999. Mark Dion: Archaeology.

Essays by Renfrew, Professor Lord C. Coles, A. Fontana, E. Cotton, J. Williams, R.

Robert Williams. 1999. Ch. Disjecta Reliquiae - The Tate Thames Dig.

Black Dog Publishing. ISBN: 1 901033 91 0

The Green Man:

An Exhibition of Work by Staff from Cumbria College of Art & Design.

Brantwood. Coniston. Cumbria. March 21 - 26. 1999.

The Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth. Cumbria. June 4 - 17. 1999.

St. Martin’s College, Ambleside, Cumbria. September 2000.

Grafisk Utbildingscentre, Uppsala, Sweden. November 2000.

Hagagymnasiet, Borlange, Sweden. November 2000.

Poznan Academy of Fine Arts, Poland. December 2000.

Catalogue - Folio. The Green Man in the Landscape. 32 pages.

© Cumbria College of Art & Design. Editor - Sandy Ward.  Introduction - David Imrie. The Green Man in the Landscape of Irrationalism - Paul McNab.

Belinus in the New World. (Event).

Robert Williams & Mark Dion.

September 4 - 6 1998.

Beach Lake. Pennsylvania.


No catalogue.

Out of the Blue: Bolton Contemporary Arts.

Copyplan Gallery. Manchester Road, Bolton.

Out of the Blue Visual Arts/Bolton Museum & Art Gallery/Copyplan Group.

April 24 - May 24. 1998.

Catalogue A5. 32 pages. © Gwen Mulliner 1998. No ISBN.

The Tasting Garden - Mark Dion.

Artranspennine ‘98

(Tate Gallery, Liverpool & The Henry Moore Sculpture Trust).

Consultant Sculptor.

Storey Institute, Lancaster. January - May 1998.

Exhibition Guide. 144 pages. Charlotte Mullins (ed).

© Artranspennine 1998. ISBN. 1-874235-42-2.

Publication. Leaving Tracks: Artranspennine98.

An International Contemporary Art Exhibition Recorded. Barley, Nick (ed).

August Media/Artranspennine. 1999.

ISBN: 1902854 01 2.

In the Red 1997 - Bolton Contemporary Art Show.

Bowkers Row, Bolton.

100 works from 40 artists.

March 19 - April 8 1997.

In the Red Visual Arts & Carl Chapman.

Catalogue A5 12 pages.

©Paul Stone 1997.

Mirabilis Artis - 7 Works by Robert Williams.

Bolton Parish Church - St. Peter’s Bolton - Le - Moors, Churchgate.

July 13 - August 9 1996.

Catalogue/document - Mirabilis Artis - Seven Works. - Jayne Wilson in conversation with Robert Williams. A5 8 pages  © Jayne Wilson 1995. No ISBN.

Michael Kenny RA - Sculpture & Drawings.

Storey Institute Gallery, Lancaster.

January 21 - February 24 1995.

Catalogue/document - Robert Williams in Conversation with

      Michael Kenny RA.

©Friends of the Storey Institute/Storey Arts 1995.

A5 15 pages, Illustrated. No ISBN. Curatorial role (FOSI).

Elected Co-Chair (with John Angus). Friends of the Storey Institute/Storey Arts. July 1994 - July 1995.

Reliquum - Sculpture & Drawing by Robert Williams.

March 22 - April 9 1994. Hanover Gallery. Liverpool.

1 Person show.

VisionFest ‘93.


The Quiggan Centre, Liverpool.

October 2 - 31 1993.

The Storey Institute Annual Invited Artists Exhibition.

The Storey Institute Gallery. Lancaster. August 23 - September 24 1993.

Curatorial role FOSI).

Andy Goldsworthy - Made in and around Morecambe Bay.

The Storey Institute, Lancaster & the Peter Scott Gallery, University of Lancaster. July 8 - August 13 1993.

Catalogue, John Angus in Conversation with Andy Goldsworthy. No ISBN.

© Storey Arts 1993.

Curatorial role (FOSI).

Flesh & Blood. (2).

The Storey Institute Gallery, LUDUS 2D Gallery, Margherita Gallery & Atticus Books, Lancaster. February 20 - April 2 1993.

52 Artists Contributing.


Catalogue A4 35 pages Flesh & Blood - The Artist as Participant Observer.

Robert Williams & Jayne Wilson (eds). Essay Thought & Belief. Michael Kenny RA.

Essay Strange Bedfellows. Robert Williams. Poem Steam. Carol Anne Duffy.

Word piece. JEB ‘93. (Illustrated).

©PROTEUS Artists Network International 1993. ISBN: 0-9516400-1-1.

Dada Do.

Lancaster LitFest/Atticus Books. October 27/28 1992.

Event - A Dada Evening :

Exploring the work of Schwitters, Picabia, Breton et al.


Lancaster LitFest ‘92 Guide. No ISBN.

Poems ‘92.

Anthology. Lancaster LitFest. 1992.

Cover Illustrationg:

Drawing - Tripartito Figura I. 1992.


The Storey Institute Annual Invited Artists Exhibition.

The Storey Institute Gallery, Lancaster. July 20 - September 12 1992.

Curatorial Role.

Fugo Levitas Cogitatio - Avis Hominum.

Residency at Christchurch School. Lancaster.

April 6 - April 10 1992.

Construction & Installation of Life Size flying figure at the School.

Plywood, pine, steel & jute. Collection of Lancashire Education Authority.

Arcis - Citadel.

Proposed exhibition & event at Canary Wharf, London, supported by Olympia & York. Collaborative venture between PROTEUS Artists Network International and Windfall Artists Network. Proposal accepted and exhibitors identified, including: Michael Kenny RA (UK), Carl Plackman (UK), Emma McMullen (UK), Robert Williams (UK), Jens Heise (Germany), Gerrard Byrne (Eire), Robert Jakes (UK), Karen Lyons (UK), Anna Bring (Sweden), Caroline Prosser (Switzerland), Christine Gist (UK), Paul Hatton (UK), David McMillan (Scotland), Susan Francis (UK), Pep Dardana Alsina (Spain), Elsie Daniel (Scotland), Michael Lapliks (UK), Stephen Faulkner (UK).

Project abandoned with the bankruptcy of Olympia & York early in 1992.

University of Western Australia & University of Lancaster 8x8x4 Student ArtWork Exchange.

April 1992 - January 1993.

Exhibition of work by Visual Arts students from both universities.

Catalogue produced by students, event co-ordinated by students.

Co-facilitator/organiser with Jillian Duffield (University of Western Australia) & Paul Hatton (University of Lancaster). - February/March 1992.

Belinus - The Lancaster Gigante.

Residency & Event - Lancaster Litfest. October 30 - October 31 1991.

Litfest Events Guide 1991. No ISBN.

Maquette24’x8”x6”. Balsa, wood & card.

Construction & Burning of a 4m Figure on the River Lune (Documentation).

Stirling Board, steel, wood.

Work in Progress.

September 13 - September 20 1991.

Gwndwn Workshops, Bridell, Dyfed.

A Multi-Media event from PROTEUS Network International.

49 Artists & Performers.

24 page A5 Catalogue Work in Progress. (illustrated). John Addyman & Michael Turner (eds). PROTEUS Artists Network International 1991. No ISBN.

Public Lecture - Herbert Hampton: Working in Harness?

Lancaster’s Sculpture:

The Victoria Monument and The Ashton Memorial.

The University of Lancaster, Dept. of Adult & Continuing Education. 25/7/91.

A paper which considers the life & work of Herbert Hampton, author of The Victoria Monument & the Ashton Memorial; and which traces the history and theory of such work in the context of late 19th & early 20th Century developments in British sculpture.

Element (Definitions - Interpretations).

October 13 - November 10 1990.

The Brewery Arts Centre. Kendal. Cumbria.

11 Artists from Luneside Studios, Lancaster.

Dead Celebrities - Postal Art Network Project 1990.

Windsor Arts Centre. Berks. September 1990. Illustrated documents, no ISBN.

Work Exhibited:

Luneside at Fotheringhams. February 1990.

Fotheringhams Gallery, Great Ecclestone.

No catalogue.

8X8X4 - Artists Boxes.

February 1 - March 3 1990.

X4 Venues:

The Peter Scott Gallery. University of Lancaster, Ludus 2D Gallery. Lancaster.

The Warehouse Gallery, Lancaster, Atticus Books, Lancaster.

30 page, A5 Catalogue. x52 Artists Contributing.

8X8X4 - An Exhibition of Artists Boxes. ISBN: 0-9516400-0-3. (Illustrated).

Hatton & Williams (eds).

Curator: Robert Williams.

PROTEUS Artists Network International. 1990.

Essay. Magic Boxes. Robert Williams. Essay. A Context. Paul Hatton .


Lecture: Forbidden Books II. September 16 1989.

Paper delivered at The Lord Mayor’s Chambers, Manchester Town Hall.

Manchester Book Festival.

Environmental Sculpture. October 1 - November 1 1989.

Worden Hall Arts Centre. Leyland.

Curator: Tony Heaton.

PROTEUS Artists Network. No catalogue.

National Domestic Sculpture. July 26 - September 2 1989.

Salmesbury Old Hall. Preston.

Curator: Paul Hatton

O3C Exhibition. Illustrated catalogue A5 28pp. (no ISBN). P. Hatton (ed).

Pictured Books - International BookArt. 1989/90.

x5 Venues in Lancaster & touring to: Manchester, Stoke, Graz (Austria) and Miami (Florida).

Catalogue Pictured Books. - Essays on BookArt (illustrated). Williams, Hatton & Heywood (eds). 03C 1989. A5 20pp. ISBN: 0-9514874-0-X.

5 Years. September 1988.

Celebrating the 5th Birthday of Luneside Studios, Lancaster.

The Storey Institute Gallery. Lancaster.

Catalogue of multiples (no ISBN).

Telekommunikationkunst. September/October 1988.

Exhibition & event at Bielefeld. Germany.

O3C Artists Network.

Robert Williams - Drawings for Sculpture. April 5 - May 29 1988..

One person show.

The Warehouse Gallery. Lancaster. No catalogue.

Luneside at  the Bridewell.  March 4 - April 2 1988.

The Bridewell Gallery. Liverpool. No catalogue.

Masquara - Sculpture in Performance. February 1988.

In association with Richard Blanco.

The Nuffield Theatre Studio. University of Lancaster.

No catalogue.

A Drama of Spectres and Other Stories. October 20 - November 1 1986.

One person show. The Exhibition Room.

The Cross. Pontardawe. Swansea.

No catalogue.

O Whistle & I’ll Come to You, My Lad. Summer 1985.

Permanent Installation. The Sculpture Garden.

The Cross. Pontardawe. Swansea.

No catalogue.

Artist in Residence - The Pontardawe Project. March - June 1985.

The Cross & West Wales Arts Association.

Artist in Residence - The David Kemp Sculpture Workshops.

January/February 1985.

In association with Immaculate Contraptions. David Kemp.

The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. Swansea.

The Z(ed) Studio Inaugural Show. October 1984.

Mumbles. Swansea.

No catalogue.

The 1984 Show. January 1 - 19. 1984.

Brixton Art Gallery. London.

Multiples catalogue.

Review - Arts Guardian. pp.9. Proles Revenge. Waldemar Januszczak.

The Guardian. January 11. 1984.