Professor Robert Williams

Curriculum Vitae


Liverpool. UK. 4/8/60.


Wigan School of Art 1978 - 1979

Wigan College of FE 1979 - 1980

The University of Lancaster 1980 -  1983:

BA (Hons) Visual Art (Major) & Anthropology (Minor).

The University of Leeds/The Henry Moore Centre for the Study of Sculpture:

MA in Sculpture Studies. 1990 - 1991.

PhD by Published Work - Lancaster University 2013

Studios & Professional Associations

Brixton Artists Collective. London. 1983 - 1984.

The Welsh Sculpture Trust (Associate). 1984 - 1986.

The Association of Artists & Designers in Wales (AADW). 1984 - 1986.

Z(ed) Studio. Swansea. 1984 - 1986.

Luneside Studios. Lancaster. 1986 - 1990.

O3C Artists Network. 1988 - 1989.

PROTEUS Artists Network International (Co-founder) 1989 -

Public Monuments & Sculpture Association. 1991

Associate of the Higher Education Academy – 2003 – 2007

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy – 2007


LINK: The Magazine of the Association of Artists & Designers in Wales.

Review of John Uzzell-Edwards at the Cross. 

LINK 46.

Sept/Oct 1985.

Pictured Books.

Ch. 4. Forbidden Books.

Essays on BookArt. O3C. 1989.

ISBN: 0-9514874-0-X.

Lecture: Forbidden Books II

Paper delivered at the Lord Mayor’s Chambers, Manchester Town Hall.

Manchester Book Festival. 

September 1989.


Magic Boxes.

Essays on 8x8x4. PROTEUS Artists Network International 1990.

ISBN: 0-9516400-0-3.

The Necromancer, the Magician & The Alchemist.

An exploration of the work of Michael Sandle, Michael Kenny and Carl Plackman

in the context of recent British Sculpture.

MA Thesis presented as Library editions at The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds,

and the Royal Academy of Art, London.


Working Well in Harness?

The Victoria Monument and the Ashton Memorial - Sculpture by Herbert Hampton in Lancaster.

Public lecture delivered at the University of Lancaster. July 1991.

Flesh & Blood: The Artist as Participant Observer.

Ch.2. Strange Bedfellows.

PROTEUS Artists Network International. 1993.

ISBN: 0-9516400-1-1.

Michael Kenny RA in conversation with Robert Williams.

Document to accompany the exhibition Michael Kenny RA - Sculpture & Drawings.

The Storey Institute, Lancaster.

Storey Arts/FOSI. 1995.

Modernist Visual Arts & the Spanish Civil War

Lecture published as an  illustrated occasional paper. School of Modern  Languages - Spanish Forum. University of Lancaster.


Herbert Hampton & the New Sculpture in Lancaster:

The Victoria Monument & The Ashton Memorial

The Bulletin of the Centre for North-West Regional Studies. New Series Number 12.

Elizabeth Roberts (ed).

Lancaster University.

Summer 1998.

ISSN: 1354-6937.

Contrebis - Vol.XXIII. 1998.

A Conjectured Mesolithic Site on the River Lune at Halton

The Official Publication of Lancaster  Archaeological & Historical Society.

Professor WTW. Potts (ed). (1998)

Mark Dion: Archaeology.

Disjecta Reliquiae: The Tate Thames Dig.

Alex Coles (ed) (1999)

Black Dog Publishing.

ISBN: 1-901033910.

Mark Dion, Robert Smithson, Lord Kelvin & Time

Text for the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow

Exhibition: Words and Things

Mark Dion, Cheryl Donegan, Simon Starling, JODI.

Oct 2001

Published also in

The Vallum  - Occasional Papers from Cumbria College of Art & Design

No. 3. January 2002

ISSN 1472-5800

Gallery Talk at CCA November 3rd 2001 Robert Williams on Mark Dion.

Bibliomania 2000/2001

Simon Morris (ed) (2002)

information as material. York & New York

ISBN: 0-9536765-1-X

Mark Dion: Collaborations

Davis, Z (ed) (2003)

Josellof Gallery. University of Hartford

Connecticut, USA

Words & Pictures: Exploring science through art and writing

Theatrum Chemicum: Praxis for a consideration of knowledge systems (sort of),,,

Kirton, T. (ed) (2003)

Cumbria Institute of the Arts. Carlisle.

ISBN: 1-869979-13-3

Disjecta Cogitata

Barrowclough, David A. (ed)

Art & Archaeology: Unmasking Material Culture

Archaeological Review from Cambridge

Vol. 19.1 April 2004

ISSN: 0261-4332

Down the Garden Path: The Artist’s Garden After Modernism

Eds. Valerie Smith, Domenick Ammirati, Jennifer Liese

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Ch.4. Interviews & Project Essays. pp.160

Mark Dion: The Tasting Garden. Robert Williams

The Queen’s Museum of Art, New York

ISBN. 1-929641-06-0

Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae

Robert Williams (ed) & Jack Aylward-Williams

Robert Williams (ed) (2006)

Essays by Dr. David Barrowclough, Dr. Mark Dion,

Dr. Simon Morris, Rev. Professor John Rodwell, & Peter Wade

UniPress Cumbria/informationasmaterial

ISBN: 1-869979-19-2

Shortlisted for the AXA/Art Newspaper Award 2006,

Historico-Naturalis  et Archaeologica ex Dale Street

(The Natural History & Antiquities

of Dale Street in the County of Lancashire)

Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams

Robert Williams (ed) (2009)

Essay by Professor John Walton

Unipress Cumbria/informationasmaterial

ISBN: 978-1-869979-28-7

Umberto Eco (2009)

La Vertigine della Lista

Bompiani. Milano.

Published as The Infinity of Lists: From Homer to Joyce.

Alastair McEwen (trans). Maclehose Press. London

Features Mark Dion & Robert Williams Theatrum Mundi: Armarium. (2001)

Spencer, Stephen (ed) (2010) 

Visual Research Methods: Awakening Visions. Routledge.

Section discussing Historico-naturalis et Archaeologica ex Dale Street

(Robert Williams & Jack Aylward-Williams 2009)

The Luminous Interval

Theatrum Mundi: Armarium (2001)

Mark Dion & Robert Williams

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.  April 12th – September 11th 2011

Greek collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos's collection of 400-plus international artworks is one of the world's leading private contemporary art collections. The Luminous Interval, a title taken from a quote by Greek philosopher and writer Nikos Kazantzakis, will be the first large-scale public show of a selection of works from the collection. Covering the entire second floor of the Museum and galleries 103 and 105 on the first floor, the exhibition will include some 60 works by 30 artists, amongst whom are eminent figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Matthew Barney, Martin Kippenberger, Mona Hatoum, William Kentridge, Kutlug Ataman, Damien Hirst, Robert Gober, John Bock, Mike Kelley, Annette Messager, Thomas Hirschhorn, Paul McCarthy, Louise Bourgeois, Mark Dion & Robert Williams, Marina Abramovic, Sarah Lucas, Kiki Smith, Paul Chan, Wangechi Mutu, Rivane Neuenschwander, Alexandrs Psychoulis, Gabriel Orozco, Walid Raad,  Rachel Whiteread, Nate Lowman, and Guyton/Walker, Chris Ofili, Steve McQueen and Rachel Whiteread. Placing particular emphasis on sculpture and large installations, the exhibition will be offering an overview of some of the most outstanding developments in art from the mid-1980s to the present day. http://www.guggenheim

Dis Manibus: A Taxonomy of Ghosts from Popular Forms.

Williams, R & Schäfer, H. (eds.) (2013). Information As Material.

Even Wilder Talents: Uncanny Talking Animals.

In Dodds, A & Thurston, N. (eds.)  I, Sparkie (2013.)

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The Nabakov Paper.

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Petra Lange-Berndt (ed.) (2015).

Documents of Contemporary Art.

‘Robert Williams: The Tate Thames Dig (1999)’ pp. 115-116.

MIT/Whitechapel Gallery.


Team Leader. Triad Arts Workshops Experiment. Swansea. 1985 - 1986

Visiting Lecturer in Sculpture:

Lancaster School of Art & Design 1989 - 1993

The University of Lancaster

Consultant Sculptor & Visiting Lecturer. Dept. of Visual Arts. 1989 - 1993

Lecturer in Advanced Drawing & the Visual Arts. Dept. of Continuing & Adult Education. 1990 - 1993

Consultant for Drawing & Visual Literacy. Dept. of Engineering (in association with Cambridge University). ACCDM. 1991 - 1992

F/T Lecturer in Sculpture. Visual Arts Pathway. The Scheme of Art &  Design. Bolton Institute. 1993

Leader - Visual Arts Pathway. The Scheme of Art & Design. Bolton Institute.1993 - 1998

Senior Lecturer in Sculpture. 1997

Programme Leader - Fine Art - Professor of Fine Art

School of Art & Design

Cumbria Institute of the Arts

Carlisle. Cumbria. 1999 – 2007

Programme Leader – Fine Art

Principal Lecturer in Fine Art

Professor of Fine Art

Faculty of Arts, Business & Science

University of Cumbria. 2007-2011

External Examiner: Birmingham Institute of the Arts/Warwickshire College  - BA (Hons) Fine Art.  University of Central England. 2006 - 2010

External Examiner: Leeds College of Art. BA (hons) Fine Art. January 2016-


Exhibitions/Admin. Officer. Brixton Art Gallery

Brixton Artist Collective.1983 - 1984

Team Leader. Triad Arts Workshops. Swansea. 1985 - 86

Publicity Officer. Luneside Artists Studios. Lancaster. 1986 - 87

Co-ordinator. Luneside Artists Studios. Lancaster. 1987 - 89

Director. Luneside Artists Studios. Lancaster. 1989 - 90

Board of Directors. Lancaster Literature Festival. 1991 - 93

Board. Friends of the Storey Institute/Storey Arts. Lancaster. 1994 - 95

Member of the Advisory Board: The Mildred’s Lane Art Project.

Pennsylvania. USA. 2007 -